Commit 555c2d06 authored by luroth's avatar luroth
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FIX: no auto rotation based on camera metadata, always use RAW x-y orientation

parent 1bd4e54a
......@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@ def enhance_sonyA9_rawpy(image_raw, pixel_shift=0):
# Calculate RGB using conventional debayering
# Debayer and expose RAW image to XYZ space using rawpy
XYZ_conventional = image_raw.postprocess(output_bps=16, output_color=rawpy.ColorSpace.XYZ, demosaic_algorithm=0,
use_camera_wb=True, no_auto_bright=True)
use_camera_wb=True, no_auto_bright=True, user_flip=0)
# Convert XYZ to RGB space
RGB_conventional = cv2.cvtColor(XYZ_conventional, cv2.COLOR_XYZ2RGB)
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