Commit 32a3a238 authored by luroth's avatar luroth
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use GDD for BBCH30 estimation and not days

parent 6358a214
......@@ -410,7 +410,8 @@ def process_NadirCC_LCCC_LA_BBCH30(path_campaign, GSD):
#y = np.log1p(np.abs(df_training['delta_to_BBCH'])) * np.sign(df_training['delta_to_BBCH'])
y = df_training['delta_to_BBCH30_GDD']
svm_predictor = svm.SVR(C=0.25, kernel='rbf', gamma = 0.125, epsilon = 0.1)
svm_predictor = svm.SVR(C=32, kernel='rbf', gamma=0.125, epsilon=0.1), y)
print("SVM initialized, support vectors:", len(svm_predictor.support_vectors_))
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