Commit b834bb7f authored by luroth's avatar luroth
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- Added links to plant methods journal (no DOI yet)

parent 41783ce2
......@@ -137,23 +137,31 @@ server_ <- function(input, output, session) {
start_modal <- function(project_name) {
tags$p(img(src="CSLogo_black_40.png"), tags$h2(HTML("Pheno<b>Fly Planning Tool</b>"))),
tags$style(".shiny-file-input-progress {display: none}"),
tags$style(".shiny-file-input-progress {display: none}"),
tags$h4("Load predefined project", style = "color: #009933;"),
tags$style("#start_modal_predefined {background-color: #009933;}"),
selectInput("start_modal_predefined", NULL, choices = list.files("./sample_projects")),
actionButton("model_load_predefined", "Load", icon=icon("briefcase"), style = "color: #009933;"),
tags$h4("Enter/edit project name"),
tags$h4("Create new project"),
textInput("project_name", NULL, value= project_name, width='100%'),
tags$h4("Load existing project"),
tags$h4("Upload existing project"),
fileInput("settings", label=NULL, buttonLabel="Open project", placeholder ="None", width='600%',
multiple = FALSE,
accept = c("text/json",
tags$h4("Load predefined settings"),
selectInput("start_modal_predefined", NULL, choices = list.files("./sample_projects")),
actionButton("model_load_predefined", "Load", icon=icon("briefcase")),
tags$p(tags$a(target="_blank", href="", "Roth, L., Hund, A. and Aasen, H. (2018). PhenoFly Planning Tool—Flight planning for high-resolution optical remote sensing with unmanned areal systems. Plant Methods (in press).")),
tags$h4("Clear all settings"),
actionButton("start_modal_clear", "Clear all", icon=icon("trash")),
#tags$h4("Clear all settings"),
#actionButton("start_modal_clear", "Clear all", icon=icon("trash")),
footer = tagList(
actionButton("start_model_ok", "OK")
ui.R 100644 → 100755
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ ui_ <- fluidPage(
column(4, img(src="CSLogo_black_40.png"), HTML("Pheno<b>Fly Planning Tool</b>"),
tags$style(".shiny-file-input-progress {display: none}")),
column(4, textOutput("project_name")),
column(3, textOutput("project_name")),
column(2, actionButton("show_start_modal", "Edit project", width = '100%', icon=icon("edit"))),
tags$style(type='text/css', "#show_start_modal { width:100%; margin-top: -6px;}"),
column(2, downloadButton("download_params", "Save project", width='100%')),
......@@ -245,7 +245,8 @@ ui_ <- fluidPage(
HTML("<br />Lukas Roth ( )<br />"),
HTML("(c) 2018 - "), tags$a("GPL-3.0", href="", target="_blank"),
HTML("<br />"),
tags$a("", href="", target="_blank")
tags$a("", href="", target="_blank"),
HTML("<br />Based on publication:"), tags$a("DOI:tbd", href="", target="_blank")
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