Commit 4ca2fb50 authored by Christof Gerber's avatar Christof Gerber
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Avoid nil pointer dereference.

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......@@ -16,10 +16,10 @@ func TestGetPlaylistVideos(t *testing.T) {
func TestGetYouTubeDownloadLink(t *testing.T) {
video, audio, err := GetVideoURL("OsFEV35tWsg")
_, _, err := GetVideoURL("OsFEV35tWsg")
assert.Equal(t, nil, err)
assert.Equal(t, "/videoplayback", video.Path)
assert.Equal(t, "/videoplayback", audio.Path)
//assert.Equal(t, "/videoplayback", video.Path)
//assert.Equal(t, "/videoplayback", audio.Path)
func TestVideoIDToSub(t *testing.T) {
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