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Modified increment for graph, since randomwalk return same vertex as the one...

Modified increment for graph, since randomwalk return same vertex as the one provided when niter = 1
parent fe417f69
using LightGraphs
using Test
using Revise,ABMEv
mysegmentgraph = GraphSpace(grid([10,1]))
mysegment = DiscreteSegment(1,10)
myplot = Plots.plot(grid = false)
for D in [1e-3,1e-2,1e-1,1e0,1e1]
graphinc = [get_inc(5,D,mysegmentgraph) for i in 1:10000]
seginc = [get_inc(5,D,mysegment) for i in 1:10000]
using StatsPlots
StatsPlots.density!(graphinc,label="Dispersal distribution for graph segment")
StatsPlots.density!(seginc,label="Dispersal distribution for regular segment",linestyle=:dash)
......@@ -52,18 +52,20 @@ A real pace with dimension N and type T
struct RealSpace{N,T} <: AbstractSpace{N,T,IsFinite{false}} end
# TODO: find a way to put a type on D in get_inc
Returns increment
function get_inc(D,s::AbstractSpace{Dim,T,I}) where {Dim,T<:AbstractFloat,I<:IsFinite{false}}
function _get_inc(D,s::AbstractSpace{Dim,T,I}) where {Dim,T<:AbstractFloat,I<:IsFinite{false}}
if Dim > 1
return Tuple(D .* randn(T,Dim))
return D * randn(T)
get_inc(x,D,s::AbstractSpace{Dim,T,I}) where {Dim,T,I<:IsFinite{false}} = get_inc(D,s)
Returns increment corresponding to space `s`
get_inc(x,D,s::AbstractSpace{Dim,T,I}) where {Dim,T,I<:IsFinite{false}} = _get_inc(D,s)
#TODO: there is probably a better way of dealing with those two functions
function get_inc(x,D,s::ContinuousSegment{T}) where {T}
......@@ -77,7 +79,8 @@ function get_inc(x,D,s::DiscreteSegment{T}) where {T}
function get_inc(x,D,s::GraphSpace{T}) where {T}
niter = round(Int,abs(D*randn()))
niter = round(Int,abs(D*randn())) + 1
# here we add +1 since randomwalk(s.g,x,niter) returns x
if niter > 0
return last(randomwalk(s.g,x,niter)) - x
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