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debugging hamming metrics

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......@@ -121,18 +121,18 @@ function get_beta_div(world::World,trait=1)
function get_xhist_mat(world,trait=1,time = 0)
returns `xhist,ttot`, where `xhist` is a matrix with dimension `lenght(world)` x `length(thist)+1`,
which consists of geographical history of ancestors at every time step.
If `time` is specified and is higher that the highest time step in world,
then the last column of xhist corresponds to actual position of agents
function get_xhist_mat(world,trait=1,time = 0)
thist = vcat(get_thist.(world)...)
function get_xhist_mat(agentarray::Vector{A},trait=1,time = 0) where {A<:AbstractAgent}
thist = vcat(get_thist.(agentarray)...)
ttot = sort!(unique(thist))
xhist = zeros(length(world),length(ttot))
for (i,a) in enumerate(world)
xhist = zeros(length(agentarray),length(ttot))
for (i,a) in enumerate(agentarray)
_thist = get_thist(a)
# Here we check that there is no redundancy of thist because of casting errors
# In the future, we should remove this check, as the type of time has been set to Float64
......@@ -194,8 +194,8 @@ end
Returns the integrated pairwise squared distance between all agents of `world` wrt `trait`.
If `trunc=true` then the distance is truncated to binary value 0 or 1.
function get_pairwise_average_isolation(world;trait=1,trunc=false)
xhist,ttot = get_xhist_mat(world)
function get_pairwise_average_isolation(world::World;trait=1,trunc=false)
xhist,ttot = get_xhist_mat(agents(world))
if trunc
V = truncvar.([xhist[:,i] for i in 1:size(xhist,2)])
......@@ -209,9 +209,14 @@ end
Similar to `get_pairwise_average_isolation`, but the pairwise distance is calculated within demes.
An average of this metrics by deme is return.
function get_local_pairwise_average_isolation(world;trait=1,trunc=false)
f(a) = get_x(a,1)
groups = groupby(f,world)
d = get_pairwise_average_isolation.(collect(values(groups)),trait=trait,trunc=trunc)
function get_local_pairwise_average_isolation(world::World;trait=1,trunc=false)
f(a) = a[1]
groups = groupby(f,agents(world))
smallworlds = []
for v in values(groups)
myagents = [a for a in v]
d = get_pairwise_average_isolation.(smallworlds,trait=trait,trunc=trunc)
using Random
using LightGraphs
using Test
using Revise,ABMEv
using UnPack,JLD2
myspace = (RealSpace{1,Float64}(),)
sigma_K = .9;
sigma_a = .7;
K0 = 1000;
b(X) = gaussian(X[1],0.,sigma_K)
d(X,Y) = gaussian(X[1],Y[1],sigma_a)/K0
D = (1e-2,)
mu = [.1]
NMax = 10000
tend = 1.5
p = Dict{String,Any}();@pack! p = d,b,D,mu,NMax
myagents = [Agent(myspace,(0,),ancestors=true,rates=true) for i in 1:K0]
w0 = World(myagents,myspace,p,0.)
@info "Running simulation with Gillepsie algorithm"
@time sim = run!(w0,Gillepsie(),tend)
@testset "Hamming distances" begin
@test typeof(get_xhist_mat(agents(w0))[1] )<: Array
@test get_pairwise_average_isolation(w0) >0
@test get_local_pairwise_average_isolation(w0) > 0
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ using ABMEv, Test, JLD2,Random
# include("wrightfisher.jl")
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