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Adding new method for get_xhist that takes as input an array world

parent 172eb449
name = "ABMEv"
uuid = "837ac870-fb52-4b0c-9a0e-030f2f36f5ed"
authors = ["Victor Boussange "]
version = "0.1.5"
version = "0.1.6"
Distributed = "8ba89e20-285c-5b6f-9357-94700520ee1b"
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ module ABMEv
@reexport using Distributions
export update_rates!
export Agent,get_fitness,get_x,get_xarray,get_xhist,
export Agent,get_fitness,get_x,get_dim,get_nancestors,get_xarray,get_xhist,
export copy,runWorld_store_WF,runWorld_store_G #,runWorld_G!,runWorld_WF!,
......@@ -37,13 +37,41 @@ get_geo(a::Agent) = sum(get_xhist(a,1))
get_d(a::Agent) = a.d
get_b(a::Agent) = a.b
get_fitness(a::Agent) = a.b - a.d
get_dim(a::Agent) = size(a.x_history,1)
get_nancestors(a::Agent) = size(a.x_history,2)
get_xarray(world::Array{Agent{T}},trait::Int) where T
Returns trait of every agents of world in the form of an array
Returns trait of every agents of world in the form of an array which dimensions corresponds to the input.
Particularly suited for an array world corresponding to a timeseries.
get_xarray(world::Array{Agent{T}},trait::Int) where T = reshape(hcat(get_x.(world,trait)),size(world,1),size(world,2))
get_xhist(world::Vector{Agent{T}},geotrait = false)
Returns the trait history of every agents of world in the form of an 3 dimensional array,
- first dimension as the agent index
- second as time index
- third as trait index
If geotrait = true, then a last trait dimension is added, corresponding to geotrait.
Note that because number of ancestors are different between agents, we return an array which size corresponds to the minimum of agents ancestors,
and return the last generations, dropping the youngest ones
function get_xhist(world::Vector{Agent{T}},geotrait = false) where T
hist = minimum(get_nancestors.(world))
ntraits = get_dim(first(worldall));
xhist = zeros(length(worldall), hist, ntraits + geotrait);
for (i,a) in enumerate(worldall)
xhist[i,:,1:end-geotrait] = get_xhist(a)[:,end-hist+1:end]';
if geotrait
xhist[i,:,ntraits+geotrait] = cumsum(get_xhist(a,1))[end-hist+1:end]
return xhist
This function increments current position by inc and updates xhist,
function generalised_gaussian(x::Float64,mu::Float64,sigma::Float64,epsilon::Float64)
return exp( -.5 * ((x-mu) / sigma)^epsilon)
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