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Commit b2e2a80b authored by Victor's avatar Victor
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adding dependencies

parent 5b62ab28
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ DSP = "717857b8-e6f2-59f4-9121-6e50c889abd2"
DataFrames = "a93c6f00-e57d-5684-b7b6-d8193f3e46c0"
Distributed = "8ba89e20-285c-5b6f-9357-94700520ee1b"
Distributions = "31c24e10-a181-5473-b8eb-7969acd0382f"
DocStringExtensions = "ffbed154-4ef7-542d-bbb7-c09d3a79fcae"
Interpolations = "a98d9a8b-a2ab-59e6-89dd-64a1c18fca59"
JLD2 = "033835bb-8acc-5ee8-8aae-3f567f8a3819"
KernelDensity = "5ab0869b-81aa-558d-bb23-cbf5423bbe9b"
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