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function run!(w::World{A,S,T},alg::L,tend::Number;dt_saving=nothing,cb=(names = String[],agg =nothing))
Run `w` with algorithm `alg`, until `tend` is reached.
Returns a `Simulation` type.
- `worldall` stores the world every `p["dt_saving"]` time steps.
If `dt_saving` not specified, `sim` contains an array of two elements,
first corresponding to initial conditions and last corresponding to world in the last time step.
- the run stops if the number of agents reaches`p["NMax"]`.
>:warning: if you choose `nagents = 1` then nothing is saved until the end of the simulation.
# function run(w::World{AbstractAgent{A,R},S,T},g::G;dt_saving=nothing,callbacks=nothing) where {G<:Gillepsie,A,R,S,T}
function run!(w::World{A,S,T},alg::L,tend::Number;
cb=(names = String[],agg =nothing)) where {A,S,T,L<:AbstractAlg}
......@@ -46,12 +47,11 @@ function run!(w::World{A,S,T},alg::L,tend::Number;
function _correct_timedep!(p::Dict)
function _correct_timedep!(p::Dict)
checks time dependency of birth and death functions,
and overloads the function if not provided
function _check_timedep(p::Dict)
@unpack d,b = p
if numargs(p["b"]) < 2
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