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Reconnection working now. Need to discuss if it is better to have scripts...

Reconnection working now. Need to discuss if it is better to have scripts called from GUI or the way it is done now
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......@@ -29,6 +29,8 @@ private:
Ui::MainWindow *ui;
rosNodeThread* m_rosNodeThread;
ros::Publisher crazyRadioCommandPublisher;
#endif // MAINWINDOW_H
......@@ -14,6 +14,10 @@ MainWindow::MainWindow(int argc, char **argv, QWidget *parent) :
QObject::connect(m_rosNodeThread, SIGNAL(newViconData(const ptrToMessage&)), this, SLOT(updateNewViconData(const ptrToMessage&)));
ros::NodeHandle nh("~");
crazyRadioCommandPublisher = nh.advertise<std_msgs::Int32>("crazyRadioCommand", 1);
......@@ -27,11 +31,8 @@ void MainWindow::updateNewViconData(const ptrToMessage& p_msg) //connected to ne
void MainWindow::on_RF_Connect_button_clicked()
ros::NodeHandle nh("~");
ros::Publisher crazyRadioCommandPublisher = nh.advertise<std_msgs::Int32>("crazyRadioCommand", 1);
std_msgs::Int32 msg; = CMD_RECONNECT;
ROS_INFO("command reconnect published");
......@@ -70,6 +70,7 @@ class PPSRadioClient:
self.motor3cmd = 0.0
self.motor4cmd = 0.0
self.status = DISCONNECTED
self.link_uri = link_uri
# Initialize the CrazyFlie and add callbacks
self._cf = Crazyflie()
......@@ -87,7 +88,8 @@ class PPSRadioClient:
def connect(self):
self.status = CONNECTING
def _data_received_callback(self, timestamp, data, logconf):
#print "log of stabilizer and battery: [%d][%s]: %s" % (timestamp,, data)
......@@ -141,11 +143,13 @@ class PPSRadioClient:
def _connection_failed(self, link_uri, msg):
"""Callback when connection initial connection fails (i.e no Crazyflie
at the specified address)"""
self.status = DISCONNECTED
rospy.logerr("Connection to %s failed: %s" % (link_uri, msg))
def _connection_lost(self, link_uri, msg):
"""Callback when disconnected after a connection has been made (i.e
Crazyflie moves out of range)"""
self.status = DISCONNECTED
rospy.logerr("Connection to %s lost: %s" % (link_uri, msg))
def _disconnected(self, link_uri):
......@@ -163,12 +167,15 @@ class PPSRadioClient: = struct.pack('<fffHHHHHH', roll * RAD_TO_DEG, pitch * RAD_TO_DEG, yaw * RAD_TO_DEG, thrust, cmd1, cmd2, cmd3, cmd4, mode)
def crazyRadioCommandCallback(data):
def crazyRadioCommandCallback(self, msg):
"""Callback to tell CrazyRadio to reconnect"""
print "crazyRadio command received"
if data == CMD_RECONNECT: # reconnect, check status first and then do whatever needs to be done
if cf_client.status == DISCONNECTED:
print "crazyRadio command received %s" %
if == CMD_RECONNECT: # reconnect, check status first and then do whatever needs to be done
print "entered reconnect"
print "status: %s" % self.status
if self.status == DISCONNECTED:
print "entered disconnected"
def controlCommandCallback(data):
"""Callback for controller actions"""
......@@ -204,7 +211,8 @@ if __name__ == '__main__':
global cf_client
cf_client = PPSRadioClient(radio_address)
rospy.Subscriber("PPSClient/crazyRadioCommand", Int32, crazyRadioCommandCallback)
rospy.Subscriber("student_GUI/crazyRadioCommand", Int32, cf_client.crazyRadioCommandCallback) # allows commands from student_GUI
rospy.Subscriber("PPSClient/crazyRadioCommand", Int32, cf_client.crazyRadioCommandCallback) # allows commands from scripts
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