Commit 94661ceb authored by Paul Beuchat's avatar Paul Beuchat
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Small addition of parameter debug message

parent 24f5990a
......@@ -1596,7 +1596,8 @@ void fetchYamlParameters(ros::NodeHandle& nodeHandle)
// DEBUGGING: Print out one of the parameters that was loaded
ROS_INFO_STREAM("DEBUGGING: the fetched SafeController/mass = " << cf_mass);
ROS_INFO_STREAM("DEBUGGING: the fetched DemoController/mass = " << cf_mass);
ROS_INFO_STREAM("DEBUGGING: the fetched DemoController/angleResponseTest_pitchAngle_degrees = " << angleResponseTest_pitchAngle_degrees);
// Call the function that computes details an values that are needed from these
// parameters loaded above
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