Commit 7cc3f5e1 authored by Paul Beuchat's avatar Paul Beuchat
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Added CF18-CF20 to the channelLUT (look up table) of the System Config GUI

parent b73412c5
......@@ -52,4 +52,7 @@ std::map<std::string, std::string> channel_LUT
{"CF15", "0/112/2M/E7E7E7E70F"},
{"CF16", "0/120/2M/E7E7E7E710"},
{"CF17", "0/4/2M/E7E7E7E711"},
{"CF18", "0/12/2M/E7E7E7E712"},
{"CF19", "0/20/2M/E7E7E7E713"},
{"CF20", "0/28/2M/E7E7E7E714"},
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