Commit 2a2943fe authored by muelmarc's avatar muelmarc
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added firmware sourcefolder with PID controller modification

parent 1366152e
......@@ -79,6 +79,12 @@ void stateController(control_t *control, setpoint_t *setpoint,
rateDesired.pitch = setpoint->attitudeRate.pitch;
//added for PPSSafeController to make the Onboard Controller using the external YawRate
if (setpoint->mode.yaw == modeVelocity) {
rateDesired.yaw = (-1) * setpoint->attitudeRate.yaw;
// TODO: Investigate possibility to subtract gyro drift.
attitudeControllerCorrectRatePID(sensors->gyro.x, -sensors->gyro.y, sensors->gyro.z,
rateDesired.roll, rateDesired.pitch, rateDesired.yaw);
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