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Commit 1a4113a8 authored by Yvan Bosshard's avatar Yvan Bosshard
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added calibration Success indication to UWBManagerService

parent b648f2dc
......@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@
using namespace d_fall_pps;
bool enableUWB;
bool calSuccess = false;
UWBAnchorArray anchors;
DataListener selfLoc;
......@@ -98,6 +99,7 @@ bool d_fall_pps::getAnchorPositions(Anchors::Request& request, Anchors::Response
response.enableUWB = enableUWB;
response.anchorArray = anchors;
response.calSuccess = calSuccess;
return true;
......@@ -128,7 +130,9 @@ void d_fall_pps::calibrateAnchors()
ROS_WARN("[UWBManagerService] Calibrating Anchors...");
calSuccess = calSuccess || selfLoc.startAnchorLocalistaion();
ROS_WARN("[UWBManagerService] Calibration successfull!");
ROS_ERROR("[UWBManagerService] Calibration failed!");
bool enableUWB
bool calSuccess
UWBAnchorArray anchorArray
\ No newline at end of file
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