Commit c236c86e authored by adietmue's avatar adietmue
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Clarify need of get_id in hook.

parent 51789a43
......@@ -37,11 +37,15 @@ def wrap_response(function):
def new_signups(signups):
"""Update the status for all signups to a course."""
# Remove duplicates by using a set
def get_id(course):
"""If item has an _id, return it. Otherwise item will be the _id."""
"""Return the course id, necessary to cope with embedding.
If the client requests `course` to be embedded, it will be a dict
with the id as key. Otherwise `course` will be just the id.
return course['_id'] if isinstance(course, dict) else course
# Remove duplicates by using a set
courses = set(get_id(item['course']) for item in signups)
# Re-format signups into a dict so we can update them easier later
signups_by_id = {str(item['_id']): item for item in signups}
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