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"name": "QEC",
"contact": [
"icon": "website",
"label": {
"_": ""
"url": ""
"description": {
"en": "The Quantum Engineering Comission (QEC) is the student association of the Quantum Engineering students. Its goals are the following: \n\n1. Improving the cohesion inside the Quantum Engineering Master program by organizing social events. Our football team represents our master in the ASVZ tournament. Weekly events are organized to keep people in touch (even during the confinement). \n2. Give students a sense of belonging: the quantum community in Switzerland is growing: let’s all be part of it!\n3. Getting students into the field of Quantum Engineering through technical events such as the Paper Club and events with the Industry in the future.\n4. Supporting students in their studies.\n\nWe are a fun, driven and a little crazy group of people!"
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