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Data is only ever collected from active user input, never passively or in the background.
No pictures are saved from the camera. The camera is only used to detect barcodes and is only active when the camera preview is displayed on-screen within the app.
The barcodes or user text input will be sent to a secure AMIV server where they are used for tracking event attendance of persons registered at the ETH only.
If the sent data does not correspond to any person registered at the ETH then the data is discarded.
No data is collected which is unrelated to the functionality of the app.
The data is not shared with any third parties. The data is purely used by entitled members of the AMIV.
If you would prefer not to have this data shared with the AMIV servers, please uninstall the app or do not open/use the app.
There is no way to prevent the data being sent to AMIV servers as this is the core functionality of the app.
Whereby AMIV represents the 'Akademische Maschinen- und Elektro-Ingenieur Verein' at the ETH Zurich.
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Welcome to the amiv app!
Use it to view latest events and sign up for them in a few taps.
Also view current jobs offers available as seen on the amiv website.
The app also includes the check-in app for event organisers and helpers, so have all you need in one app.
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Easily sign up for Events, see new Job Offers and more amiv Tools
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