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# Burger-Tool (AMIV Anniversary 125 years) # Burger-Tool (AMIV Anniversary 125 years)
A Webapp to select the most popular burger as AMIVs 125 year anniversary burger.
## Setup
### Virtualenv
The website runs using flask, and we recommend running it in a virtual
environment. To do this, you first need to initialise it:
\$ virtualenv venv
This will initialise the virtual environment in the `venv` directory. To
activate it, source the following script:
\$ source venv/bin/activate
If that was successful, your `$PS1` should start with `(venv)`.
### Dependencies
Now you need to install the dependencies listed in `requirements.txt`.
\$ pip install -r requirements.txt
### Database & Admin User
To create the database structure and add an admin user, run
\$ ./ <admin_username> <admin_password>
## Run
After that, you can run the website by executing ``. The website is
served at `` by default.
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