Commit 10fc3550 authored by Mathis Dedial's avatar Mathis Dedial
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Update Gitlab CI config file to automatically update dependencies

parent e0f5a9e5
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......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ dev_deploy:
- rsync -rav -e ssh --exclude='.git/' --exclude='.gitlab-ci.yml' --delete-excluded ./
- ssh -p22 "cp ~/app/app/ ~/app_tmp/app/"
- ssh -p22 "mv ~/app ~/app_old && mv ~/app_tmp ~/app && chmod -R 700 ~/app"
- ssh -p22 "pip install -r ~/app/requirements.txt"
- ssh -p22 "touch ~/"
- ssh -p22 "rm -rf ~/app_old"
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