Commit ca955d95 authored by Hermann's avatar Hermann
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set validInitially based on controller state

parent 00401c75
......@@ -28,13 +28,13 @@ export default class EditView extends ItemView {
* @param {string} resource [the API resource of this view, e.g. 'events']
* @param {object} embedded [any embedding query that should be added
* to API requests for this resource]
* @param {Boolean} valid [whether the view should be valid before the
* first validation]
constructor(vnode, valid = false) {
constructor(vnode,) {
// the form is valid in case that the item controller is in edit mode
const validInitially = this.controller.modus === 'edit';
// start a form to collect the submit data
this.form = new Form({}, valid, Object.assign({},;
this.form = new Form({}, validInitially, Object.assign({},;
oninit() {
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