Commit 56c18b04 authored by Hermann's avatar Hermann
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fix linter errors

parent c50f071a
import m from 'mithril';
import { RadioGroup, textInput } from 'amiv-web-ui-components';
import EditView from '../views/editView';
import { Form } from 'amiv-web-ui-components';
import { RadioGroup, textInput, Form } from 'amiv-web-ui-components';
// eslint-disable-next-line import/extensions
import { apiUrl } from 'networkConfig';
class passwordField {
view({ attrs: { form } }) {
return m(textInput, form.bind({
type: 'password',
name: 'password',
label: 'new password',
floatingLabel: true,
import EditView from '../views/editView';
export default class UserEdit extends EditView {
constructor(vnode) {
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